6 Top Tips To Help Your Clients Get the Most From Your Info-Service

If you give information out as part of your service in your business (for example e-books, info-products etc) it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you’re adding huge value, just by adding more and more information to your program. Unfortunately this can seriously backfire.We live in an ‘Information Age’. It’s never been easier to get more information – and much of it free now that it’s all just one click away on the internet! You can access it wherever you are, whenever you want. So, how can that impact on YOUR business model??Consider this – when you connect with the right prospect, with your compelling marketing message – they will feel like the proverbial starving man who’s just been seated at the head of the table of a sumptuous banquet.If you are doing your marketing correctly – you will have such a great fit between your marketing message, and how your solution (your product or program) eases the problem that your prospect has, that they are just going to feel hugely relieved. At last – here’s the answer to their problem!! So Peter Prospect becomes Clive the Client – a happy paying client of yours.Imagine then, that eight appetizers, fifteen main course dishes, ten desserts, the cheese board, the coffee, the mints, the wine, the aperitif, and the post-meal brandy ALL ARRIVE AT ONCE.Suddenly, Clive the Client – who only a moment ago had been literally starving for this metaphorical meal (your info-product / program) is going to feel overwhelmed.

What should he eat first, how can he pace himself so as to do it all justice, what if he feels too full to finish the meal?So he picks a bit of this, and sips a bit of that, and gobbles a bit of the other – and before long starts to feel OVERWHELMED, DISAPPOINTED, and more than a little bit queasy!So what bearing does this have on YOUR business?!If you give information out as part of your business, then you need to think carefully about how you can stop YOUR clients getting INFORMATION INDIGESTION! It’s a tempting trap to think that you’re adding value by piling on more and more. You might add on some extra e-books, throw in a couple of extra bonus reports, pile on a few more audios, include some of recording transcripts for good measure.Now you have a good ‘meaty’ list of bonuses to offer – a whole tranche of extra information for Clive the Client to digest at his leisure.But guess what – Clive’s time is already stretched, so he doesn’t quite get round to reading and listening to all that extra information you gave him. And it sits on his hard drive as a silent rebuke, making him feel just that tinier bit more overwhelmed every time he sees it. Clive the Client becomes Confused.Sometimes the answer is NOT to give out any more information.Instead it’s to help Confused Clive consume, understand, and most importantly of all – IMPLEMENT the information he originally asked for. That way, he can experience real results, he feels supported, and he can see that you aren’t just doing an ‘info dump and run’ on him (and then go around telling everyone that your program didn’t work).So here are six suggestions to help your clients NOT get Information Indigestion when they purchase one of your products:1) The thank you page- this is the first thing they will see when they buy from you. As well as thanking them, you want to tell them what’s happening next. Is there a link coming via email, do they need to go to a download page? Let them know.2) A ‘Getting The Most Out of This’ Guide.Tell your new client what you want them to do with the information. Do you want them to read it all right through first? Do you want them to print it out? Do you want them to take notes, fill in the blanks, do the exercises? Let them know the best way they can consume the information, and act on it.3) A Fast Start Plan.If there’s a lot of information, it can be a great idea to give a fast start guide, with suggestions of which areas to focus on first, in order to get some quick wins. This will help your new client feel reassured that they’ve invested wisely.4) A Frequently Asked Questions audio. If you get a lot of the same questions coming up for your clients as they work through the product, and you don’t want to address them in the actual main product itself, then how about recording a FAQs for them to listen in to?

5) Time Released Information. Some info-products may be suitable for having the information time released. Perhaps you could add a new module each week, if they naturally build up on the last one. You’ll have to gauge this for your particular market. Some people will find it frustrating having to work at that pace, and will want it all upfront. This model works well if there’s a coaching (or self-coaching) element to the program, because it gives your clients time to work through each module and do the coaching without feeling rushed.6) Having different levels for the same information product. For example, the basic level could be just the information. The silver level could be having the information with some self-coaching questions to guide your client through it. The gold level could be the information, the self-coaching, plus a group Q & A monthly implementation call. The platinum level could be the information, the self coaching, the monthly Q & A call PLUS your individual feedback on a one-to-one hand holding call.Can you see that you haven’t piled on more information at each level, instead you’ve helped with the understanding, and taking action on that same core set of information.The benefits of this are that you will have better client retention with less refunds. Your clients will also get better results because they’ve fully implemented your information, and this in turn will lead to more referrals, and more clients for you!